Cut part of raster with another raster (mask)

Cut part of raster with another raster (mask)

I have a raster which I want to cut. A second raster smaller, should be exactly the part where I want to cut the first layer (so I cut the same size as raster 2).

The idea is that raster 2 become the mask for the cut. How can I do this?

You could convert "raster 2" to a polygon (Raster > Conversion > polygonize). Then run the Clipper tool (Raster > Extraction > Clipper… ) and use the polygonized "raster 2" as the mask layer.

You can useVector -> Research Tools -> Polygon from Layer Extenton the smaller raster.

In a second step, use this polygon as a clip mask for the second raster withRaster -> Extraction -> Clipper.

Try using "raster calculator": Deduct raster 2 from raster 1 and then change zero values to null values.

Watch the video: ArcGIS - Clip raster with polygon and Extract raster by Mask